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Digital advertising is an excellent way to get your business noticed. By utilizing pay-per-click, you’re able to have your business seen by people who may choose to interact with your ads and visit your website. With the numerous possibilities that you have with pay-per-click, you can advertise your business on multiple different platforms and for multiple different reasons. This means that whether your goal is to increase the traffic on your website or to gain a following on social media, pay-per-click is a great way to make yourself and your company noticed without the need for an initial following.

Our team at Primary Digital Marketing will utilize pay-per-click in order to advertise your company and your services on different platforms to popularize your business.

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Pay-per-click refers to a method of online advertising in which the advertiser pays for each click on their ads. When using pay-per-click advertising, you don’t pay for impressions or anything other than the clicks that you get on your ad. This means that in order to have your advertisements noticed above your competitors, you need to pay more money per click on your ads.

Some Reviews From Our Customers

See what our customers have had to say about our services

Royal MillworkRoyal Millwork
21:38 11 Mar 22
Amazing team, the support is firm and strong throughout the process; most important I'm satisfied with my finished website and would strongly recommend for anyone looking for digital marketing. 🤜🤛
Mary BarnardMary Barnard
15:14 30 Dec 21
adrianchromenko is really good. everything you want in someone to work on your website and explain in terms you can understand and help you learn what you need. I don't know anything about the making of a website and it was very helpful to find someone I could trust to do the right thing.
Brandon OliverBrandon Oliver
23:35 05 Sep 21
**GREAT SERVICE** Unfortunately I haven't been able to request the services (ONLY because my project was not in the same field of work he's in)He was very honest and open, he gave me advice on how to achieve my project even though it did not benefit him financially, he was just giving me good advice because he's that awesome.One of these days I will have a project for him and will hire immediately. He's very HONEST, Straightforward, and knowledgeable.Like I said, this person helped me even though it wasn't benefiting him financially. He told me websites to look at for my own project and what to look at for. I'd recommend him to anyone. Very knowledgeable, professional, and responsive.
Anthony TarauAnthony Tarau
19:44 22 Aug 21
Adrian, and the team at Primary did an amazing job creating my website. They followed the guidelines I mentioned, and recommended things that respected the brand I was trying to create. The friendly and straight forward work and responses I got from him went a long way, and now, I can't imagine going to anyone else to help continue building my website and web presence. Thanks for all you do! I look forward to continue working with you guys!
21:00 29 Jul 21
The team at primary migrated a website for me over to new domains, and made all the required changes I asked for, before the due date! Working with the, was easy, and was always an open-ended conversation.They were able to tackle even the harder parts of the website that were done manually in code. I'm not very knowledgeable on websites, so they gave me tips and steps on how to manage it myself, later down the line when I need to make changes.Thanks for all the help, 10/10 would work with this team again!

Our Services

Researching Ads

At Primary Digital Marketing, we do extensive research when developing an ad campaign. This includes researching desired keywords, setting realistic goals, monitoring/adapting ads, setting up negative keywords and much more. Furthermore, we’ll be monitoring your ads in order to find areas of improvement as we collect more data.

Google Ads

Because Google Ads is the largest, most popular pay-per-click advertising network, it’s important for your ads to be on this platform. The more you invest into your ads, the easier it will be for consumers to run into your ads on google, which will result higher website traffic and more sales.

Facebook Ads

If you plan on advertising your business to specific people, then Facebook Ads is an excellent way to do so. Being able to target people based on their age, their interests, and their location means that Facebook ads are effective when targeting a specific audience.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is the social media platform with the highest engagement rate, meaning that its users are most likely to interact with posts and ads that they encounter. This means that if your ad is distributed to the right people, it will likely be successful. Not only that, but Instagram allows for short video ads that can be effective in attracting customers if executed correctly.

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Our team at Primary Digital Marketing will utilize pay-per-click in order to advertise your company and your services on different platforms to popularize your business.


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